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    Smile. [Character] Empty Smile. [Character]

    Post by Guest on Wed Mar 19 2014, 09:23

    Name: Smile (or ‘The Dude’)
    Phenotype: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age:  Unknown (about 25~ ish)
    Profession: Assassination. Or, he would if he could stop partying every night.

    Appearance: A small, yet agile guy, capable of fitting in the smallest nooks and crannies of a hiding spot, about 5’1” to be exact, but a measurement was never taken. Weighs around 50kg, but again, not enough is known to give an exact figure. Fairly slim build, not exactly your muscle bound meat-head, though he’ll kick your ass in a fist fight, since he just doesn’t give the slightest of f*cks about being in pain. He probably enjoys it, the sick b*stard.

    Occasionally seen with messy, unkempt stubble, though his bony, narrow face is only seen when he allows it, as he wears any old black pants he can find, and  a specially designed, zipped jacket of black wool, knitted by dear, sweet grandma, before she was brutally murdered, found hanging from the ceiling of her own home above a pool of blood and semen. No-one has ever seen this guy’s hair, but he’s probably buzzed over. He doesn’t care very much about his appearance. He also wears a small metal pin on his chest, of the iconic ‘smiley face’, just ‘cause he thinks it looks cool.

    Likes: Energy drinks, drugs, loud, repetitive electronic music and smiley faces :)
    Dislikes: Eating, sleeping, not partying and sad faces :(

    Equipment: Well, he would carry around his old childhood hunting rifle if he’d remembered where he put it, though he’s saved up enough assassination money to buy himself a fancy new L118A. Always wears his complete black woollen outfit, complete with balaclava which sometimes comes off if he needs to do something… face related. Carries around a small-ish 6” samurai sword lookin’ thing he stole from a body of one of his first victims, a guy to do with the Yakuza or something. It might be worth a fair amount of money, but he doesn’t care enough to get it valued. It kills people, and looks cool, he’s keeping it.

    Strengths: Trained with long-range weapons most of his life, though he’s still not very good with them. The only thing he’s been able to do well so far, is sneaking up behind a victim and stabbing them right in the back. A cheap shot, sure, but a man has to earn his fare somehow, right?
    Weaknesses: Probably addicted to about every drug imaginable. Also, he can't knit to save his life, despite the long hours Grandma painstakingly took out of her busy life to teach him how to do so.

    -Personality: Nuts. This guy is nuts. There’s no predictability when it comes to Smile. The first time you meet him, he might shake your hand and wish you a good day, or, depending on what he’s on at the time, he might try to chew your face off. He’s never been very close with anyone, except Grandma, and she’s passed on to a better place now.

    It might be hard to make friends with Smile at first, or it might be incredibly easy, depending on you. He’s not hard to find, but he can be anywhere at any time. Usually in someone’s dingy basement raving to hard-core DnB, or sometimes atop a warehouse roof with his sights aimed at your face. Either way, his ringtone is the Crazy Frog song, which pretty much sums him up well enough.

    -Biography: Smile likely has some kind of mental illness, though he’s never sat still long enough to be able to test him for anything. As a child, he was running around like a loon in Grandma’s sweet old cottage, a calm house if not disturbed by the dude. Oh yeah, he likes to call himself ‘The Dude’ sometimes, for no other reason than it sounds like a cool name. It hasn’t caught on well with anyone yet.

    At around age 10, Grandma was found by Smile, a bloody, broken mess, hanging by the neck in the middle of her front room, the place apparently reeked of “old person, death and semen.” Without a caretaker or a guardian, he never truly grew up, so he wandered the globe instead, always looking for new raves to party at, new drugs to try, more people to kill. He has a shed-load of cash stored away in some non-descript place, though the only problem is, he can’t remember where he put it. Ever since a boy, his Grandma trained him to use a very old looking hunter’s rifle, to bring home game to eat. It’s the only time he’s ever calm, and not wearing a menacing grin, when he’s aiming through a cope into the bare flesh of an unknowing opponent.

    His father ran away before he was born, and not much is known about his mother. Some say his mother was killed by Grandma, for any number of reasons. Of course, like any rumour, the reason for the murder changes every time, and gets weirder and weirder as it gets passed along from person to person. Smile never really got close to anyone while he was wandering, and the only friends he’s ever made where either killed the same night, or they were rave-freaks like himself, and never stuck around long enough to get to know each-other.

    The only time Smile is ever actually seen without his balaclava on is when he’s for once, chilling in the middle of a quiet room, often after a kill, as a man in a balaclava is a  lot more suspicious than a man without. He rarely sleeps, he rarely eats, and he relies on caffeine-loaded energy drink to keep himself going.

    As a side note, he's about the only person you'll ever meet who can recite every serial killer who ever existed in a row, put them in chronological order, name which murder weapon was used, how and where, the body bag used to put in the boot of which car, the model the make and which lake they found the body, the time, place and postal code of the area the murder happened, and the weather of the night they were found.

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