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    [Character] Frosty


    [Character] Frosty Empty [Character] Frosty

    Post by Guest on Tue Dec 31 2013, 21:17

    Name: Frosty
    Phenotype: Basic
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Profession: Freelancer

    Appearance: His body consists of an average build, however he comes out half a head shorter and with a thinner frame because of some improper growth and shortage of eating. Short, rough and dirty blonde-hair covers over his head and his eyes green, while he wears a worn-out white clothed shirt and black pants for mobility. He wears a small green bag over his back with a sling and a brown belt to hold both his weapons and boots to protect his feet. Despite his age it can be somewhat easy at first glance to mistake him for someone younger with his facial features and body, mainly a teenager.

    Frosty's Appearance:
    [Character] Frosty Frosty_by_mcihop-d73v9m6

    Likes: Sweet food, Swords and other melee weapons, Bonding with people, Duels,
    Dislikes: Large guns, Heavy equipment/armor, Cynicism, Fighting between teammates,

    Equipment: Iron sword with grip painted blue strapped to the left side on his belt heavily cared for and a six-shot revolver that's somewhat fallen apart on the right of his belt. Green bag seated around the lower back, brown belt for his weapons and boots for feet protection.

    Strengths: Mobility and dodging, Close-up combat and rushing an opponent quickly, Navigating environments and staying on the move, Resistance on giving up due to optimism

    Weaknesses: Can fall easy from one hit due to a small-frame and focus on dodging, Shooting weapons at long-ranges, Using heavier equipment, Can trust new people too quickly and pay the price for it.

    Personality: Frosty serves as a warm and optimistic member of the wasteland, holding a smile when he can and fighting his best even in bad situations, he moves around the land both trying to survive and helping whoever he can. While some say this is being naive, and in his case may be true, he feels that he earns a lot out of it and meets new teammates. It doesn't take much to get him over to someone's side if they make him believe they are being wronged and this has gotten him in trouble before along with others. He holds the belief that many can be redeemed and may not see the bad in someone, but this isn't to say that when there's a difference between two sides he will not be aware of this. Either way for the young man, while he can be naive and sometimes ignorant, he's worth having both on a team and as a friend, for he will hold loyalty for people he is close to and serves as the cheerful heart of a group.

    History: Frosty grew up in a small town as a child off in the outer areas of the wastes away from most civilization, living not as a boy who was educated of how most of the world worked but simply worked to help the small town develop and keep his family strong. Food wasn't very common and he sometimes had to go hungry for quite a few periods, impacting his strength and growth. Even in a world like this, he held a optimistic goal through his life, to grow up as a traveler who could set out and aid people around the wastes. Even though it was a little obsolete by this time with guns and other technology, he picked up the arts of swords and other close-up weapons, developing himself as someone light on his feet who could hit strong as well, much like in some stories he was sometimes told. He was jealous of Magicasts and Skybornes, wondering what magic and flying was truly like, but he knew even as a Basic he could still live up to something important.

    By the time of becoming around an adult age he set out from the town into the wastes ready to become stronger and join some people to aid the world. However, the new world was quite tough on him and while he was aware of bandits and the like beforehand, he still had a rough time dealing with what people could turn into. While he kept a gun on him to be safe, he couldn't use anything too heavy and wasn't good at long ranges, meaning he was impacted when it came to range combat, giving him another rough challenge. To get around this he grew a little skill in staying quite and avoiding enemies. Now with a year of experience under his belt and plenty of land traveled, he seeks out a group to join and possibly a town to help out, hoping he'll make teammates, friends and possibly more. Whether or not the team he joins will feel the same way about him or not and if it will work out, is difficult to assume.

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