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    Character: Detlev


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    Character: Detlev Empty Character: Detlev

    Post by Fr0z3nF4ngs on Mon Jan 27 2014, 01:00

    Name: Detlev
    Race: Basic (pending)
    Gender: Male
    Height- 5'4
    Age: 21 by standard human years
    Profession: Engineer/Welder

    Detlev's Appearance:
    Character: Detlev Detlev_by_mcihop-d72088u
    Detlev is quite fit for a man of his stature , at least by traditional standards before radiation and mutation became factors.  His hands, clothes, and face are almost always coated in oils, dust and other materials from his career in mechanics. Eyes are a pale blue and his hair a tall solitary mohawk with a shaven head, and though he is young for a wanderer of the wasteland, through his gaze, a weathered soul shines on. Having been captured by sadistic Clansmen at one point, his visage is a somewhat grisly sight; scars from razor blades adorning his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. But some would say the scarring gives the man a ruggedly handsome flair.

    LIKES: Friendly Women, Wagering with Allies, Finding Humor in rough times, A good drink
    DISLIKES: Egotistical assholes, cruelty in combat, Slutty or Seductive Women

    FM50 Tactical Gas Mask, painted white with war paint designs, giving Det a deathly pale look in the heat of combat. Over the years, he used his engineering skills to rig a rudimentary optical HUD, which works for judging wind speed and direction,  distance and  elevation of any slow moving or stationary target. Any fast flyers though must be judged by instinct alone.

    Precision MRAD Sniper rifle: Chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum, .308 Winmag, and 7.62, this rifle could be seen as the better rounded cousin of the M98B. Trading in the .50 bullet for so many more features. Includes:
    Two interchangeable barrels, one shorter.
    Threaded barrel, fitted for silencers (dampens, but very audible, flash hiders, and muzzle breaks)
    Self lubricating bolt action
    Tactical Rails
    Thumb Safety and AR style grip

    Combat shotgun: This custom model of pump action combat shotgun was crafted with an ergonomic loading mechanism, fires anything from slugs to birdshot, flechette, even incendiary rounds. It all depends on what Detlvev can either come across or take the time to craft himself as far as ammo goes.

    Dart Knife : This combat knife has a 7inch body with a 2.25 inch blade. Has the same one handed deployment capability as the Karambit as well as the retention ring. This blade will easily slice through any average clothing and into flesh even with passing slashes.

    Trading in the protection of combat armor for mobility and carrying capacity, Detlev wears a tactical vest as well as a large back pack. and a tool belt to carry ammo and equipment.

    Engineering equipment: Detlev carries a wide array of tools, such as a welding torch, soldering gun,  wrenches as well as nuts and bolts, and tends to keep scraps or weapons he finds to disassemble and modify.

    Cross: Detlev wears an amulet dedicated to his Faith to aid him in his survival of the wasteland. On Occasion he is known to recite prayers and chants should he believe a place could be cursed with dark magic or even paranormal entities.

    Marksmanship/Sniper's discipline: Having trained since he was a young colt by citizens of his home camp, Detlev is more than proficient in high power rifles, shotguns, anything that can be modified to work with an oral trigger mechanism. etc. If he ever picks up an automatic weapon, you can be sure he'd be the last man to ever spray and pray. Det also know's how to conceal his positions utilizing environmental camouflage techniques, as well as keeping his surroundings as secure as possible while sniping.

    Endurance/Strength: Being physically fit, and growing up working has gifted Detlev with nearly uncanny strength and endurance, allowing him to carry enough equipment for two men.

    Vulnerability: Detlev's lack of combat armor makes him a softer target, albeit still a tough one , which is why he chooses to keep his distance.

    Stress in hard combat: Since his incident with the Clansmen, which left him with a marred visage, Detlev becomes upset, unpredictable, and has even been known to black out in particularly cruel combat situations, in which adversaries or allies choose to maim and bleed foes rather than neutralize them quickly.

    Male Youth: Being a young adult, Detlev is still emotionally vulnerable when it comes to the hope of finding love. While he strongly dislikes outright seductive and whorish mares, his heart has a soft spot for a lady with friendly charm, or confidence about her.

    Alcohol: Det is not an alcoholic by any means, but when he drinks, he really drinks.

    Detlev's Theme

    PERSONALITY: Despite his hardships and the state of things, Detlev is a rather bright spirited individual. He likes to find humor in even the darkest of times. While cautious as every drifter is, if he finds a group he's usually quicker to trust than most denizens would be; however if he is ever tricked or betrayed, there's absolutely no way of making it up or regaining his loyalty. Polite, disciplined, yet compassionate and warm hearted, he's definitely a character amongst tired, angry souls.

    Backstory: Detlev was born from two immigrant Russian parents in society forged from abandoned metro stations somewhere in the Continental U.S. . Much like Metro-polis, Detlev's home was sprawling with people of all races, nationalities, and creeds. But the visitor to resident ratio demanded Detlev to live a working life from a young age. At the age of 7, he was helping his father carry tools, as well as running water to the other engineers and welders. As expected, crafting and welding was his inherited trade, but once he was 10 a rather shady neighbor and a dozens of odd jobs taught him the necessary skills to survive on his own; how to fight.

    Detlev was trained by an ex mercenary turned senior citizen, an old man who lived not far from the Det's small apartment style home. Using empty railways, Detlev was taught how to shoot long distances, how to care for and clean weapons, and how to craft his own ammunition. Detlev gained a fair bit of fighting experience in the stations by taking personal guard requests for shop owners and couriers, everything short of strict traditional training.

    Unfortunately, none of this could spare him the fate that fell upon him and his home at the age of 17. Returning home from a scavenging trip, Detlev discovered the aftermath of an entire raider clan, his parents nothing but burned corpses along with the others. Any survivors had grabbed what they could and ran. Detlev grieved, then left and hasn't looked back since. While he became a drifter amongst the wasteland, he has found himself somewhat comforted by Metro-polis, and has made more prolonged visits each time he comes across the community.

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