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    ARD-7 Battle Rifle

    Ryan Lurkewood

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    ARD-7 Battle Rifle Empty ARD-7 Battle Rifle

    Post by Ryan Lurkewood on Sun Mar 16 2014, 20:36

    Name: ARD-7
    Caliber: 7.64x45mm or .308
    Fire Modes: Semi-Automatic, Fully-Automatic
    Weapon Type: Assault Rifle
    Rarity: Rare
    Description or Equivalent Appearance:
    A Golden Age firearm, it's deadly and super accurate. It was designed should war break out between the two factions at the time.
    There are two types of ARD-7
    The ARD-7 Mk.1:
    ARD-7 Battle Rifle Myweap17
    ARD-7 Mk.2 Variable Zoom Battle Rifle:
    ARD-7 Battle Rifle Myweap18

    The ARD-7 Mk.2 rifle is even more rare than the Mk.1. It has a VarTac Hybrid Scope which is comprised of a 2x zoom, fixed, cross-hair scope with a 12x zoom, cross-hairless swivel scope that can be pushed aside to engage forces at mid-range, and be pushed back in place and used as a sniper rifle.

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