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    {CHARACTER} Richtor


    {CHARACTER} Richtor Empty {CHARACTER} Richtor

    Post by Guest on Mon Jan 13 2014, 19:03

    Name: Richtor (Just Richtor)
    Phenotype: Alchemical
    Ability: Concussive projection from tattoos on shoulders and forearms
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Profession: Traveler and decent self taught alchemical scribe.
    Appearance: Average height and build. Athletic but not warrior sized. He has dark hair and dark eyes. His face is wind burnt from his travels through the wastes. He wears bandoleers and bags to carry all of his stuff with him, with his revolving rifle slung on his back.

    Likes: Adventure, novelty, and treasure. Lots of treasure.
    Dislikes: cities (but not ports and harbors as they are associated with adventure), squids and octopi (don't ask he doesn't want to talk about it) and the lack of treasure  

    Equipment: He carries a large variety of useful stuff in the bandoleers he wears (think utility belt but more realistic). What he carries a lot of are alchemical compounds that act as medicine and first aid supplies, as well as some very flammable stuff. He has a few clay spheres with markings on them that can be inscribed with Ink to do things like glow, or explode. Finally he has one small vial of very valuable ink. He carries a revolving carbine. This allows him to easily make ammo for it. It uses Alchemical inscriptions to launch the projectiles instead of gunpowder. It is still loud.

    Strengths: Pretty good at alchemy. He is self taught so he's not great but he is better than you would think. Survivalist: he knows how to survive when cut off from civilization. I mean when you spend all of your time looking for the best plant to make a fire bomb you are bound to stumble upon something edible.

    Weaknesses: He is not the guy you want to bring into the Cave of Wonders, he will touch something he shouldn't because its shiny. He is very attached to his stuff, that's why he carries it all with him in bandoleers. All of that makes noise so he can’t sneak at all. He may run his mouth off more than can be healthy. While you and I know its bad to taunt a monster he doesn't seem to.  

    -Personality: He is adventurous, if foolhardy. He takes risks in everything he does, including interactions with other people. He is a good person and will help people but what really motivates him is the promise of treasure and loot. Tell him the its the right thing to do and he will probably do it, but promise him something rare or valuable and he is all in. He is very protective of his stuff. He doesn't like lending things. He is also very positive, like to a fault.    

    -Biography: Richtor was born in the Boglands. He came from a small village that had managed to carve out a living for itself despite the monster attacks. He spent his childhood always feeling like there was so much more out there. He talked about leaving but he never got farther than exploring the ruins around his village. When a Sludge Kraken destroyed his village and killed everyone in it there was nothing there to hold him down. He set out to explore with nothing but what he could carry on his back and the one thing he found while he was out exploring that day, a beginner’s guide to alchemy and inscriptions.

    He taught himself to do alchemy. He ranged far through the wasteland. He fought several moderately sized monsters, he even defeated a few of them. He has gotten himself into as more trouble than seems possible. His adventures are as numerous and his pockets. Last time anyone saw him he was being chased out of a town after burning all of their religious effigies (it was an accident and a big misunderstanding. I meant nothing by it I swear). While this isn't an unusual way for Richtor to spend his weekends he hasn't been seen in some time. The next place he turns up could be anyone's guess.

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