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    [Character] Murdoch


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    [Character] Murdoch Empty [Character] Murdoch

    Post by ZODON_THE_UNBOUNCEABLE on Wed Dec 25 2013, 00:29

    Name: Murdoch
    Phenotype: Basic
    Gender: Male
    Age:  27
    Profession: Sapper (Combat Engineer) for Hire
    [Character] Murdoch Murdoch_by_mcihop-d72n4gt
    Likes: Licorice, Teamwork, Weapons, A Good Soda, Listening to/Telling Stories, Bowling
    Dislikes: Stupidity, Questions/Doubts About His Leg, Misuse of Explosives


    Mk. 17: A weapon that Murdoch assembled piece by piece from parts he purchased from the Bazaar in Metro-Polis. Though some of the parts are rusty and the bullets aren't always cheap, Murdoch wouldn't want to have any other rifle at his side.

    Mk. 3 Adaptive Camo: Old Pre-Storm camo capable of shifting the coloring of the fabric to best fit desert, woodland, urban, and arctic environments. Ideal optimization of the camo takes five to seven minutes. Given to Murdoch by a merchant for escorting him from Epicenter to The Iron Sea.

    .45 Match: A .45 caliber pistol with a compensator for increased accuracy.

    Mine Detector: A collapsible device that is designed to detect buried mines and other metal objects.

    Class II Body Armor, , Detonator, One Claymore Mine, One C4 Charge, [some kind of engineering kit/equipment]
    Strengths: Jury Rigging and Handling Explosives.
    Weaknesses: Somewhat Afraid of the Dark, Mild Paranoia

    Theme: [Something will go here]

    -Personality:  Since his accident, Murdoch has become somewhat stoic and morose, leading some to assume that he is older than he actually is. Furthermore, he has developed a level of paranoia, as he will almost never remove his body armor, and almost always keep a weapon with him, even while he sleeps. Nonetheless, Murdoch enjoys talking with others and tries to retain a good sense of humor.

    -History: Murdoch spent his childhood in a labor camp that excavated coal and other raw materials to the city of Silver Lining. Whether or not he was the offspring of an inmate, or an unwanted child born out of wedlock is unknown. While he was a child, the overseers of the camp took advantage of Murdoch's size, having him crawl into the tight and narrow spaces between rocks and crags to place explosive charges. Throughout his time in the camps, Murdoch was subjected to horrendous working conditions and narrowly evaded death in a tunnel collapse due to a faulty charge, having to use the upper half of a fellow inmate’s skull to dig his way back out. Once he became an adult, Murdoch was released from the labor camp and as far as he was concerned, he had felt as if he had escaped from Hell itself.

    Utilizing what he knew about explosives, Murdoch became a mercenary that specialized in combat engineering, using his skills to clear roads of landmines, as well as constructing offensive and defensive emplacements for his clients. During a job he was doing for the New Dawn Seekers, Murdoch had the lower half of his right leg getting sheared off while trying to save the life of one of the members of the NDS from the local wildlife. The shock of his injury affected Murdoch greatly, leading him to believe that his career as a mercenary had come to a close.

    Fortunately, enough of Murdoch’s injured leg remained that he was instead given a prosthetic by the NDS out of gratitude, and they allowed him to stay in their territory until he recovered. Though he was dismayed that it would take longer to recover than he would've liked, Murdoch was content with helping the NDS by doing weapons and equipment maintenance, as well as different explosives and charges for other soldiers to use. Though it didn't beat being able to use them, it certainly beat not having a job at all.

    Recently, after another assessment, Murdoch was given clearance to resume field work as a mercenary. Excited and cautious at the same time, he is hard-set to prove his worth to his anyone who doubts him.

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