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    Mk. II [Rifle]


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    Mk. II [Rifle] Empty Mk. II [Rifle]

    Post by ZODON_THE_UNBOUNCEABLE on Sat Feb 08 2014, 19:51

    Name: The Mk. II
    Caliber: Munition Rod
    Fire Modes: Single Shot
    Weapon Type: Rifle
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Description or Equivalent Appearance:
    Mk. II [Rifle] 06HmyX7

    The Mk. II is an upgrade to the salvage-style, multi-role weapon known as the Mk. I. The most notable difference between the Mk. II and the Mk. I is that the Mk. II is capable of holding two munition rods instead of one, allowing two shots to be fired of in rapid succession. It also features a shorter barrel than the Mk. I, and lacks its cousin's built in bipod. Despite these differences, this rifle is not intended to be a successor to the Mk. I, but is instead meant to suit a different style of combat. Like the Mk. I, the Mk. II can use any of the four munition rod types, and can be affixed with a multitude of accessories such as optics, laser sights, and chokes.

    Munition Rod Types:
    -Standard (Bolt): This munition rod houses a single fin-stabilized arrow with a barbed tip. The arrow is capable of traveling at the velocity of a 7.62 NATO round, but only has slightly improved penetration due to the corkscrew pattern it flies in. Ideal for medium and long-range engagements. Characterized by blue tips

    -Ferrous Briar: This munition rod is filled with rusted chunks of barbed and razor wire that will shred flesh and cloth alike, but is not too effective against Class II Body Armor or higher. Ideal for close quarters engagements and giving the gift of tetanus. Characterized by red tips

    -Razor Smoke: The only "non-lethal" round, this munition rod is packed with coarsely ground up glass that's soaked in pepper spray. Characterized by blue-white tips

    -Flak: This munition rod contains a single explosive warhead that will detonate upon impact, causing a small explosion of shrapnel. Ideal for destroying cover and penetrating thin armor. Characterized by yellow tips with black stripes.

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