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    Post by Guest on Sat Feb 15 2014, 23:06

    Name: Metro-Vermin
    Type: Rodent
    Habitat: Metro-Polis
    Threat Level: Moderate
    Diet: Scraps, bugs, waste
    Size: 10 in. head-to-tail
    Description or Image of Approximate Appearance:

    One of the advantages to living in Metro-Polis is the fact that there are no massive predators. The ecosystem, or lack thereof, doesn't support enormous man-eating mutants. However, there is a much quieter, more unbecoming threat in the underground tunnels so many call home... the Metro-Vermin. These mutated, disease ridden rats are a walking toxic nightmare. Touching the skin of a Metro-Vermin results in a rapidly spreading, incredibly painful rash. A bite from one of these highly infectious rodents passes on a seemingly endless list of diseases. Most bites result in death within 48 hours, and victims must be quarantined to suffer through the agonizing, fleeting remainder of their lives in solitude. The rancid pustules on their skin contain some of the most heinous flesh-eating viruses on Earth, and tend to burst at very inconvenient times. If one of these rats is killed, it must be collected and disposed of properly. Even their blood has to be scrubbed away and the area thoroughly sterilized. If the people of Metro-Polis are not careful and vigilant in the presence of these simple rodents, one bite might spell death for everyone who lives within the tunnels.

    Because of the danger they pose to Metro-Polis, there is a reward for dead Metro-Vermin. Every catch must be killed and bagged cleanly, and all hunters are checked for any sign of infection upon cash-in.

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