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    Roaming Shadow


    Roaming Shadow Empty Roaming Shadow

    Post by Guest on Sat Feb 15 2014, 19:03

    Name: Roaming Shadow
    Type: Mammal (mutated bat)
    Habitat: Ashen Agony, mountanside surrounding Last Resort
    Threat Level: High
    Diet: Omnivorous
    Size: 6 ft. at the shoulder, 20 ft. wingspan
    Description or Image of Approximate Appearance:
    Roaming Shadow Varghulf_sepia

    Roaming Shadows have rarely been seen up close. These giant, mutant bats swoop down on lonely travelers and carry them off to their cliffside dwellings, often dropping their prey from high in the air to incapacitate or kill them before eating. They tend to avoid heavier prey, and also eat whatever vegetation they can find, but very little plant life of substance grows in their habitat, so they have grown more and more accustomed to meat. They are mainly nocturnal, but have been rumored to sometimes hunt in the day. Travelers are advised to either travel in groups or avoid wide open spaces, especially at night. No one has ever survived an encounter with a Roaming Shadow after it has gotten hold of them. There is much rumor, speculation, and legend surrounding these winged creatures, but one thing is established fact: as far as any traveler is concerned, the Roaming Shadow owns the sky.

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