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A hub that is the home to three different RPs, each with different settings and storylines. Talk about a triple threat!

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    Pink Goblin

    Ryan Lurkewood

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    Pink Goblin

    Post by Ryan Lurkewood on Fri Jan 31 2014, 21:04

    Name: RF-3s "Pink Goblin"
    Caliber: 9mm
    Fire Modes: Fully-Automatic
    Weapon Type: Sub Machine Gun
    Rarity: Common
    Magazine Size: 40
    Description or Equivalent Appearance:

    The RF-3s is a reliable PDW with a permanent 9mm adapter installed. It earned the name "Pink Goblin" due to its color and size. But it would be wise to not underestimate this gun. One must be wary when firing this gun however, as it has a high rate of fire, emptying it's mag faster than the user would think.

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