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A hub that is the home to three different RPs, each with different settings and storylines. Talk about a triple threat!

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    Copper-Head Empty Copper-Head

    Post by Guest on Fri Jan 31 2014, 13:52

    Name: Copper-Head
    Fire Modes: Semi-Automatic Fully-Automatic, Burst-Fire
    Weapon Type: Assault Carbine
    Rarity: Rare
    Description or Equivalent Appearance:
    Copper-Head Myweapon
    The Copper-Head, also called the "Rattler" is an assault carbine capable of fulfilling many combat roles. It's integrated targeting systems give it excellent accuracy and allow it to overcome much of the loss of effectiveness most carbines suffer at longer ranges. However, in order to take advantage of these computer assisted stabilizers and radar range finders the weapon needs to be powered. Power packs are hard to find, and replacement chips even harder. If you should come across a working rattler, your enemies won't know what hit them.

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