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    Faction Registration Empty Faction Registration

    Post by The Powers That Be on Sun Jan 12 2014, 13:10

    For the longest time, I had been racking my brains, trying to think up of more factions for this RP to make things more interesting around here. And in the midst of my brainstorm, I had an idea: instead of having to do all the hard work in this section of the site, I figured that would way easier to have other people do the thinking for me! In other, (and slightly less unpleasant) words, I'm saying that members can submit their own factions to be officially put on this site! Is that cool or what?

    Now before you get to hyped up, there is a catch here: In order for your faction to be accepted and added to the site, it needs to be "sponsored" (read: supported) by five other members on this site that also want this faction to come into existence. It should be noted that as the memberbase for Wasteland grows, the amount of sponsors required for a new faction will increase, but other than that little point, here's the format for submitting a new faction:

    Faction Registration Format:
    -Type: (Military, Political, etc.)
    -Goals: (What is this faction's motivation?)
    -Theme: (The the tune your faction jams to)
    -Emblem: (if applicable, this part isn't a must)
    -History: (A brief explanation of how this faction came to be. One paragraph minimum, three is the maximum)
    -Notable Members: (Only Player Characters can be listed here, though some NPCs can be added in special cases)

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