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    Post by Guest on Sat Feb 15 2014, 22:34

    Name: Slickback
    Type: Amphibian
    Habitat: Boglands
    Threat Level: Low
    Diet: Algae, bugs
    Size: 4 ft. at the shoulder
    Description or Image of Approximate Appearance:

    Slickbacks are blind, amphibious bog-dwellers. Humans have no place in their diet, and therefor, they're generally considered harmless. However, Slickbacks are extremely protective of their young and will attack any perceived threat, regardless of how large the threat is. When attacking, they often scale their opponent, using their agility and sticky grip to grapple with the threat and bring them down before savagely clubbing them with their arms. Despite their fierce survival instincts, Slickbacks serve as a cornerstone of the diets of large swampland predators. The slimy coating of a Slickback's skin, as well as their saliva, can be used to make a high-quality adhesive.

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