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    Boulder Cat


    Boulder Cat Empty Boulder Cat

    Post by Guest on Sat Feb 15 2014, 17:38

    Name: Boulder Cat
    Type: Mammal
    Habitat: Last Resort
    Threat Level: Moderate
    Diet: Carnivorous
    Size: 2 meters long, 300 lbs.
    Description or Image of Approximate Appearance:
    Boulder Cat MM35_PG28a1

    Boulder Cats are swift, agile hunters accustomed to scaling mountain cliffs and maneuvering through tight spaces. Their coats change from brown to white coinciding with the climate. They often use their long, silky tails to brush over their tracks in snow. They are solitary hunters who can kill most prey with one powerful tackle, but are capable of stalking prey for days if necessary. Although they don't typically engage humans, if a human intrudes on their hunting grounds or is a perceived threat to themselves or their food supply, they will attack. Once a Boulder Cat commits to a victim, it will continue hunting until it has eaten. Unless every trace of the prey is lost, a Boulder Cat will never give up its pursuit. A Boulder Cat's fur makes very good winter clothing, but is generally considered not worth the effort.

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