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    Harbor Hounds (Trapped)


    Harbor Hounds (Trapped) Empty Harbor Hounds (Trapped)

    Post by Guest on Thu Jan 30 2014, 20:13

    Type: Land Shark
    Threat: Moderate
    Diet: Fish and aquatic creatures.
    Size: 2-3 feet at the shoulder
    Harbor Hounds (Trapped) Ss0050_1280x720_zps_interstellarmarines_concept_characters_sharkcreature_001
    Individual Hound after being trapped on an abandoned tanker for approx. 2 months.

    The Harbor hound rapidly degrades if unable to expose itself to sea water. They become hyper aggressive in a matter of hours but can survive without food for almost a year. This makes venturing into unoccupied or poorly maintained derelicts in the Iron Sea very Dangerous.

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