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    Miko Belura (Alchemist)

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    Miko Belura (Alchemist) Empty Miko Belura (Alchemist)

    Post by Ryan Lurkewood on Wed Jan 29 2014, 23:20

    Name: Miko Belura
    Phenotype: Alchemy
    Ability: Mid-sized item manipulation
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Profession: Hired hand

    Appearance: A tall and well built man with black hair that is cropped close and grey/blue eyes. He wears a full set of combat armor. Accompanying  He carries everything he owns in his backpack save ammo and guns. He has a scar on his calf that can only be seen if he isn't wearing his armor.

    His Tattoo on his left shoulder blade:
    Miko Belura (Alchemist) Free-tribal-tattoos-designs-pictures-photos-12

    Likes: Chocolate, Friendly women, a Warm drink, and his revolver.
    Dislikes: Boasters, crocs, most wasteland wanderers with a gun, having to repair his armor, incompetence.


    Armor: A suit of ballistic armor with ceramic plates that project the image that is directly behind them. The projected image, however, is skewed and warped. But yet, this disrupted image is enough to conceal the wearer to those who aren't looking  intently, or at far ranges. Moving in the suit causes the image's "shimmer" to be more pronounced as speeds increase. Damage to the image bearing ceramic plates causes the plate to loose it's image integrity. The armor is complete with a holster for a side arm, and a sheath for a knife, both of which have the same image projection technology, though the weapons they hold are not completely invisible; a hood finishes it off. The camo has a battery life of 3 hours, needing at least 10 hours to charge fully via seperate, portable solar panels for use out in the field.

    Weapon: A bullpulp assault rifle that chambers a 5.56 round. It has a 3x tactical scope with a integrated 12 gauge shotgun that is fed by a 3 round magazine. It has a 30 round clear plastic magazine with a clear plastic view port on the gun for easy identifying of rounds left.
    Assault Rifle:
    Miko Belura (Alchemist) Bones1

    His side arm is a .454casull Raging Bull revolver, which is on the holster on his right thigh; and a combat knife on up at collarbone. All his ammo is carried in mag slots located around the back of his waist and on his chest. Everything that isn't combat related is kept in his backpack (which cannot turn invisible with his armor).

    Strengths: He's had his stealth suit for quite a while and has had training in it. He's quite apt at sneaking around.

    Weaknesses: Is terrified of spiders. Freaking out, stomping on the spider, shooting the remains, then stomping it again are not beneath him. He has been known to run from a room with spiders in it, like a bat out of hell. Do not get between Miko and his way out of a room if there should be a large enough spider in there.

    A third degree burn on his left shoulder that limits his movement with that arm.

    -Personality: He's perfectly alright will following orders. As long as those orders aren't stupid. Or put his life at great risk. Or puts other's lives at great risk. Else he's liable to change them. Doesn't really like it when others who he thinks isn't fit to lead are in charge, and generally doesn't like it when others suggest things to him. Doesn't like to talk about himself or his past. Would much rather not be the main focus of attention.

    -Biography: Miko travels from place to place, not intending to stay in any town for too long. He stays in a town and tries his best to help in anyway he can. During a visit to a small swamp village in the Boglands, it was suddenly preyed upon by a group of Blue Gill Thorn Gators. The town was ill-equip for the gators and which fell upon the village's inhabitants. To save a group of villagers, Miko used his abilities that his tattoo gave him to hold down a Blue Gill and start pulling it towards him. Unfortunately, his ability is more geared towards items the size and weight of weapons; and as such, his tattoo quickly started to burn him. Fighting down the pain, he continued to focus on holding the Blue Gill from attacking the villagers. By the time they escaped and he dispatched the Gator, his back had severe 3rd degree burns and left him barely able to use his power even a year after the incident.

    After the Thorn Gators were killed or driven back into the swamps, Miko set out in search of a healer. The wounded alchemist soon discovered he was lost in The Bog'. However, as luck would have it, Miko was found by a squad of Iron Knights on their way to trade with what he found out later was a boarder town. After talking with the squad, they decided to take Miko back to their outpost where they tended to his burns. And there he stayed for what could have easily been the longest four months of his life, after which he all but raced out of the outpost. But that was not the last time Miko stepped foot in there. It quickly became a habit of the alchemist to stop by there whenever he was in the vicinity.

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