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    The New Dawn Seekers


    The New Dawn Seekers Empty The New Dawn Seekers

    Post by Guest on Wed Jan 29 2014, 21:09

    -Name: The New Dawn Seekers
    -Type: Society/Culture
    -Goals: "To Grow and Thrive"
    -Theme: (The the tune your faction jams to)
    -Emblem: A bright yellow sun rising over a horizon, with a single eye beneath looking up.


    The New Dawn Seeker History

    A new group that arrived from Ashen Agony twenty years ago, the NDS were a loosely-allied collection of family-groups that scrounged a living in the area, aiding each other against bandit clans and more hostile settlements. These groups were characterized by their elephant-sized beasts of burden, known as Bearers. Making a living like this for almost 100 years, each of these families evolved in different directions; each with their own customs, traditions, and weaponry.

    It wasn't until a relatively smaller group of mercenaries, the Terciels, began uniting the disparate families that this unruly alliance became a formidable power. Dubbing themselves the "New Dawn Seekers",  they numbered over 400 individuals, from babes to elders.

    Leaving Ashen Agony in a mass exodus, the NDS spent a year searching for a place to call "home". Eventually finding an abandoned water treatment plant in the area known only as "The Boglands", the Terciel Father-General, Varborg Terciel, founded the settlement of Jerikoh.

    Unfortunately for the new settlement, the treatment plant was non-operational, and the NDS did not have the skills necessary to repair it, much less operate it. However, after much of the machinery within was recycles and repurposed, plenty of space was made available to setup living quarters and storehouses for supplies. The plant itself became the centre of government and seat of power, providing the ruling Terciels a solid bastion from which to develop Jerikoh further. A shanty town soon developed around the water and mossplains surrounding the plant, built on stilts and made of scrap, Bearer-hide, and other materials.

    Nearby ruins were scavenged, and several rare books were discovered; among them a manual detailing the intricacies of hydroponics. Although, sadly, illiteracy is rampant among the NDS, several of the more well-traveled members had picked up how to read in their adventures.

    Setting up basic hydroponics farms, the Seekers began growing basic foodstuffs from the surrounding territories, namely the more-edible fruits and vegetables. And, after a long-lost daughter arrived from her trek to a far off land bearing grain seeds,  they began producing basic flour products.

    However, over the next 19 years, Jerikoh would be far from paradise. Quite a few calamities occurred to the settlement, including a disease that spread through the Bearer herds, killing many of the previously-thought-to-be immortal creatures within days, almost driving the settlement to famine. 

    The hostile environment of the Boglands was also a near-constant issue; the threat of creatures attacking Jerikoh was a very-real concern, including the dreaded Ferrovax, agile fungal predators that subsisted on rotting meat.

    However, in spite of the hostile domain of the Boglands, the New Dawn Seekers have entrenched themselves in their new home, and have adapted insanely well. Now with a population bordering 700 people, the concept of expansion is becoming a very realistic necessity. The newest heir of the Terciel family is the untested Mikael, only son of Johan. Notable for being a shrewd diplomat as well as an adventurer, the NDS are a settlement at the edge of great change. 

    What will happen to this new power? Time will only tell.


    The New Dawn Seeker Society

    Seeker society is one that places great importance on family ties. Before Jerikoh's founding, the culture that would become the Seekers were based on "Family-Groups" which were composed of 3-5 families living together as one unit. Each family had a Father and Mother, who led each their families in personal matters. Their eldest son (or daughter, in some isolated cases) were trained with the guns passed down generation to generation. It was the responsibility of the Eldest to act as the head warriors of the group, dealing with matters both external and internal as a small-scale police force.

    Any sons and daughters past the eldest were given a choice. They either took a trade such as a Bearer-tender, weaponsmith, trader, or militia, and contributed to the group's survival directly; or they left the group temporarily, scouting new areas for the nomads to travel and scavenging for supplies in the vast desert of the Ashen Agony, a single Bearer and basic weaponry and armour being their only possessions.

    Those that returned from the harsh deserts would be hailed as heroes in the nomadic cultures, often bringing new guns, rare supplies, and new blood into the groups in the form of wives and husbands found during their travels. 

    However, when Varborg Terciel united these groups and formed the New Dawn Seekers, the roles changed to better adapt to a more permanent home.

    Groups are still the main divider of Seeker society, with family ties and allegiances being of most importance to an individual. The Father and Mother, while still important in the family, no longer hold the absolute power they used to in nomadic society. Instead, only the Father and/or Mother may own the buildings their family uses and lives in, thereby limiting their direct influence to only their descendants.

    The eldest son or daughter now inherit the land when their parent(s) die, becoming the new head of the family. They also (while the Father and Mother are still alive) act as officers in NDS warbands, giving orders and directing their comrades. Their "badge of office" are the firearms passed down from their ancestors, a remnant of the nomadic customs before the uniting of the groups.

    Younger siblings fill the role that you would expect normal people would; all jobs apart from being an officer or landowner is done by the "Younger", as they're known in Seeker society.  However, as guns have become more and more common in Jerikoh, firearms are no longer limited to the Eldest. 

    At the top of all this is the Terciel family; these people are the diplomats and scholars of Jerikoh, as well as its generals. Leading the Terciel family, instead of a Father, is the "Father-General", who acts as the military commander of the city (as well as its governor), the current holder of the title being Johan Terciel, son of Varborg. 


    The New Dawn Seeker Technology

    Seeker technology has been mostly influenced by the ease of manufacturing it, as well as the cost of using it. As a result, weapons such as crossbows and spears were in common use among Seekers before they were unified, with firearms being limited to the Eldest or scavengers.

    With the advent of Jerikoh, the tenets of "Easy to make, easy to repair" has still been dominant, but eventually is making way for advancement. In the 19 years since the city's founding, leaps and bounds have been made in Seeker technology, especially in the fields of armourcrafting and agriculture.

    Seekers are relatively skilled architects, being able to build fairly comfortable (if cozy) shacks in relatively short amounts of time. 

    What Seeker society lacks is the know-how to create new gunpowder firearms, having to rely on trade or scavenging to obtain any weaponry more advanced than a pneumatic rifle. However, as a result of repairing and maintaining the guns they do have, Seekers can make primitive pneumatic rifles if needed. The effectiveness of these rifles are somewhat questionable against anything more solid than leather, but the lack of gunpowder makes them an attractive choice.

    Seeker society does have its share of magicasters in it, due to a century of survival in the harsh wastes of Ashen Agony. Several families are well known for the higher than average birth rate of the magical adepts, with the common field being that of telekinesis. Known as the Builders, telekinetics often are the ones responsible for creating Jerikoh's larger buildings.

    CURRENCY: In Jerikoh and the outlying settlements surrounding it, the main form of trade is barter, as well as a system known as "Chips", which are small rectangular tokens made from rare precious metals. Each "Chip" has a rough value of 5 bags of flour, and is mostly used for large transactions involving weaponry or services.

    -Notable Members:

    The Terciel Family

    Johan Terciel, Father-General

    Mikael Terciel, Head-Eldest of the Terciels

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