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    Currency of the Wasteland

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    Currency of the Wasteland Empty Currency of the Wasteland

    Post by The Powers That Be on Wed Jan 29 2014, 01:48

    In the Wasteland, the various settlements that dot its scarred terrain use a myriad of currencies to sustain their own economies. And even though bartering is a common means of exchanging goods, there are some people and shops that will only accept the local currency, so don’t go thinking that shiny necklace you lifted from the store down the street is going to fetch you a high price at a general store in the Boglands.

    Boglands: Barter System/Teeth
    -For some strange reason, the swamp communities of the Boglands use teeth as currency in their transactions. Value is determined by the size and condition of the teeth, and it doesn’t matter where they come from, be it the local fauna or other humans. Suffice to say, it would not be wise to agree to give a Boglander a “loan”.

    The Iron Sea: Barter System/Galyin
    -Galyins are small, stamped, rectangular sheets of metal with amounts of value inscribed on them in gold. Galyin pieces are worth either 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 75, or 100, depending on the amount of gold inscribed into them.

    Metro-Polis: Barter System/Ticket Stubs
    -Ticket Stubs, (“Stubs” for short) are the cut remains of tickets that were used in the metro before the Starstorms occurred. All Stubs have a value of 1, and are nearly impossible to duplicate due to the type of paper that’s used to produce them.

    Silver-Lining: Barter System/Notes
    -Notes are a small sheet of special paper with a special stamp that indicates its value that’s made with an ink containing silver. The value of Notes ranges from 10 to 100, in increments of ten.

    Ashen Agony: Barter System/ Pop-Tops (PTs)/Shards
    -Pop Tops, (aka “Tops” or “PTs”) are the removable tabs from assorted cans that once contained food or drink. These pieces of metal are usually strung up like necklaces for portability and for easier transaction, and each have a value of 1.
    -Shards are pieces of colored glass that are the result of meteorites impacting the Earth during the Starstorms, and are highly prized among certain traders. Their value is assessed by smoothness, luster, color, and size.

    Last Resort: Barter System
    -Because of its frontier-like development, Last Resort has yet to establish an official currency.

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