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    [NPC] Arch Knight Harry Thompson

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    [NPC] Arch Knight Harry Thompson Empty [NPC] Arch Knight Harry Thompson

    Post by Cloud Cover on Sun Jan 19 2014, 21:15

    -General Information
    Name:Harry Thompson
    Phenotype: Standard
    Profession:Current commander of the Iron Knights.

    Appearance: The Arch knight's face is unknown to anyone still alive as he is always helmeted and never removes his armor, for best representation, A image of armor shall be provided [NPC] Arch Knight Harry Thompson OGRrk6Q
    Likes:Order, chivalry, displays of honor  
    Dislikes:Chaos, anarchy, disrespect

    Equipment:The Arch knights equipment is generally little more then his Mark 7 prototype armor due to the fact he never leaves the faction headquarters, but when pulled into defense, a massive belt fed mini-gun is his weapon of choice, a massive drum on his back connects to the weapon to feed its massive need for ammunition

    Strengths: Leadership, being the only knight to bring his entire order together requires this, men follow his voice in to battle at a moments notice.

    Weaknesses: Lack of caution, lands him in more then one situation where he comes out with a loss, goes headlong into things without understanding completely what it is he is charging into.

    Theme: Iron Man by Black Sabbath

    -Personality: The arch knight is a massively strong character, not in strength but in personality and he has to be to keep his lesser knights in order, he tends to shout and get angry at the slightest thing, even getting violent at times. Tends to take violence first before discussing diplomacy when meeting those who many cause problems. Deep down however, he has a soft spot, a soft spot for the young, and want to have them grow up right, not in this miserable wasteland, may have something to do with having a "daughter" he lost some time ago.

    -Biography: The arch knight started life as a normal waste lander, not born of the knighthood, he had to fight and scrape till he turned age 16 and made his way Temple Rock where he started simply shining the armor of knights for enough money just to feed himself, however he wanted to be a knight, and a knight he planed to be. Every year the order took recruits in from the wasteland and picked only ten to join the order, generally the ones planing to join where far older then Harry and more likely to win in a test of combat. But it was a different trait that gain him entry into the order, his mercy, when ordered to finish off a opponent in the ring of combat, he did not do so, gaining the honor of being chosen without process by the oldest commander at the time, who was in his 80s and was one of the founders of the order, one who lived by the creed more then any of the other knight at the time.

    It was only a few years till he gained his right to combat, where he was deployed many times in armor to deal with pests in the wasteland, ranging from feral dogs to monstrous mutants, always at the call of his commander, one day he even was attacked by a odd creature that spit acid in his face, scaring him horribly, something he still bears today, forced to wear a helmet now due to damage to his face and eyes. but it was one of natural death that sat his course forever different. The old knight commander died of old age, a replacement soon replaced him, one of not so honorable personality, a man only in his 20s, ruthless, bloodthirsty and worst of all...corrupt. Many many missions led the now adult Harry into situations consisting of terrorizing and murdering instead of defending and chivalry. he was a pawn of his commander, a way to be a bandit while sporting the weapons of old, The young knight would have none of this. The one time that Harry was forced to be unhonorable, he had to slay his commander for his creed, and in combat he had no chance, his armor old, his weapons weak compared to the commander's, he was forced into deception to end the life of the commander, a knife and a sleeping commander where all that was needed to take the place of him. A scream in the night was all that was heard of the former commander.

    Harry now was the commander of his own unit, one he made sure to cleanse of corruption. The next thing he planed was to cleanse the rest of the order, not a easy task for sure but one he managed, though feats of skill and diplomacy, always keeping the death of his former commander as a accident officially. in four short years he became the only commander left in the order and appointed himself Arch Knight because he felt that only the pure should lead, and if all commands are pure, all shall be pure and so far, its been working for him, the area around Temple rock is not a well known trading hot spot due to its safety and trust is slowly being gained back by the people of the wasteland who his order has wronged for far too long. Today the mighty commander is stuck in temple rock, now ageing to the point of combat being straining on him, he reduced himself to managing affairs of his order, even at times, giving out duties to outsiders when the time calls for it.

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