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A hub that is the home to three different RPs, each with different settings and storylines. Talk about a triple threat!

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    The "Umbrella" Rules

    The Powers That Be
    The Powers That Be

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    The "Umbrella" Rules Empty The "Umbrella" Rules

    Post by The Powers That Be on Thu Dec 12 2013, 11:50

    Welcome! Welcome one and all to this little site of ours. I'm sure you're curious about the different RPs here and can't wait to jump on in and see what's what. But before you do that broski, I'm going to have to request that you slow your roll for a little bit and read up on these here umbrella rules. Now before you start going off and telling me that it can't rain on the internet, here are two facts to consider: 1. You're wrong. 2. In this specific case, "umbrella" is a figure of speech referring to the concept that these rules are ones that apply to each RP on this site. Now sit down and strap in, sweetheart, because I'm about to hit you in the brain with some knowledge.

    1. Check thyself lest thou wreck thyself.
    [Don't be a jerk to other people on this site. Things like racial and ethnic slurs won't be tolerated around here.]
    2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
    [It means a lot to us.]

    3.  Not even snowflakes are that special.
    [No powerplaying, metagaming, or godmodding.]

    5. Have fun!

    6. If you have a suggestion, concern, or inquiry, contact an admin.

    7. Keep it in your pants.
    [No explicit sexual content is allowed on the main forums of the site. Such content is allowed in PMs between users, however.]

    8. English, motherf____er, do you speak it?
    [This is an English forum, and so  it is the primary language that will be used. As such, a basic understanding of English and its grammar will be required to effectively RP here.]

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