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    Iron Knights

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    Iron Knights Empty Iron Knights

    Post by Cloud Cover on Sun Jan 19 2014, 17:35

    -Name:Iron Knights
    -Type: Military Faction
    -Goals: Following the rules set by their creed, doing what is necessary to maintain the peace.
    -Emblem: Iron Knights 8DaJ5rJ
    -History: The Iron Knights are what remains of the military before the end, just after the wake of the destruction of the world, the military left its bunkers to find the world a mess, many took this opportunity to desert and become bandits with what little military gear they could escape with and set off into the wasteland, where as others choose to follow the creed they where given when they joined their military, Make war, to make Peace, for decades they have lived by this creed, cleansing the wasteland of those they see unfit to their creed, Mutants, Monsters, and the physically deformed, Though violent acts from their power armored patrols, however strong the foe, no matter the odds, they face it to protect those who matter and with the help of the massive stockpile of weapons they harbor, it was first.
    50 years after the event, the first generation of Knights of the order start appearing, fathered and mothered by the military members that started it, these men and woman are even more fiercely devoted to the creed then the first generation but here lies their problems, violence was rampant, they took their power too far, burning down survivor camps only on the hint of a mutant in the general area, now they have done more damage then good. To add on to the problems facing the order, knights started to think themselves above those they protect, starting to black mail and threaten the people of the wasteland into giving them everything they want, and they got what they wanted.
    20 years later. The violence only continued as more and more of these "Corrupted" knights gained power in the ranks of the order, it was only the swift judgement of a newly appointed commander that brought peace back to the order, Commander Harry Thompson, the first of the Arch Knights, he rose though the ranks quickly, high enough to gain command over his own unit, he knew what must be done to have his order seen as heroes again, he had to purge the corruption from the ranks, he had to take control, and control he did, in as little as four years he had personally sent the "Corrupted" to face judgement, taking seat as the over all leader of the Iron knights, and to this day he sits. The iron knights now seek to undo what they have caused, undo and gain the respect they once had, they are the saviors, not the destroyers, they want to follow the creed once again, they want to make war, to make peace.
    -Notable Members: Arch Knight Harry Thompson

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