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    Post by The Powers That Be on Sun Jan 12 2014, 12:42

    Because I couldn't think of  a better word to describe them, Phenotypes in this RP refers to the modifications or abilities that a particular character may posses. The four phenotypes that are available for one's choosing are Magicast, Skyborne, Alchemist, and Basic.

    -The Magicast:
    The Magicast is a term that refers to individuals that are capable of performing a wide variety of abilities and powers that center around controlling and manipulating certain elements and mediums. Despite what the term may imply, the abilities of a Magicant are innate, and are not derived from any kind of magic or spell. Furthermore, while most abilities are hereditary and can be passed from generation to generation, entirely different powers can spontaneously form within a bloodline, even without infidelity. Some of the more common abilities Magicasts have displayed are

    Cryokinesis: The manipulation of ice by freezing water particles present in the air, or controlling any water present in the area after freezing it.

    Electrokinesis: Manipulating energy derived from the planet’s electromagnetic field or nearby power sources.

    Hydrokinesis: The manipulation of water particles present in the air, or controlling any water present in the area.

    Pyrokinesis: The creation and manipulation of fire. may readily be present.

    Technokinesis: The ability to manipulate and merge with technology.

    Telekinesis: Manipulating objects with one’s mind.

    Terrakinesis: The manipulation of earth, including mud, soil, and in some cases sand.

    Vitakinesis: To manipulate a living thing’s physiological state; to heal physical injuries or wounds. Death is not affected by these powers.

    A widely accepted rule amongst Magicants is that the larger an object that one may attempt to control is, the more strain it will put on them, both physically and mentally. This principal is also applicable to Magicants who manipulate elements, as it requires a user to devote more power into conjuring the element as opposed to manipulating a present source. For example, a Magicant with pyrokinesis would have to work harder to summon fire as opposed to using any that is presently available to him or her. Another ideal example of this principle would be that a Magicant with hydrokinesis would have a more difficult time using their powers in a more dry or arid environ.

    Much like physical exercise, a Magicant’s ability can be strengthened with proper training and conditioning, but reaching a point that can be associated with mastery over an ability can take a lifetime.

    *Some other things regarding the Magicast:

    + In case it wasn't made clear, if you choose that you want your character to be a Magicast, they can only have one kind of kinesis/power. This ain't Avatar: The Last Airbender, there's no manipulating ice or fog if your character has Hydrokinesis as an ability; in that case, you can only manipulate water in its basic form. That also means that if your character's ability is Terrakinesis, controlling metal is a no-go.

    + Because magic is a slippery slope, that fine line between a character's powers being fair or brain-blisteringly over-powered can come fast and without warning. So with that being said, if you make a character that is a Magicast, any posts that involve using your character using their powers will be reviewed by moderators or administrators for this section of the site. Depending on the circumstance, they may ask you to adjust the happenings in your posts, or remove them entirely. If they do, please don't give them any trouble, they're just doing their job and trying to make this site fair and fun for everyone. Except for cheaters. They don't care about them much.

    -The Skyborne:
    The Skyborne is a collective name given to those who have been issued Holowings, and largely refers to citizens of Silver Lining. Because of the city’s location in the Troposphere of the planet, all citizens born in Silver Lining are to be issued Holowings when they reach a certain age. Individuals who move to Silver Lining from elsewhere are rarely permitted to have Holowings, and have to rely on the city’s transit systems to get around. This rule is often debated by newcomers to the city, but serves as a means to prevent people from simply stopping by to get some “free wings”. Nonetheless, debates regarding the significance of Holowings to the society of Silver Lining is something of hot debate, as many view the platform as an unfair advantage or an symbol of status and superiority. The latter argument is somewhat ignored due to the fact that 60% of Silver Lining’s vagabond population has Holowings as well.

    Holowings themselves consist of two primary components: implants, and the frame. The implants are usually surgically installed at around age five, and consist of a neural transmitter to control the wings, and two magnetic inserts that allow the wings to be attached to the body. The frame component consists of two sleek pods with retractable wireframes that extend from the pods and shape the form of and project the hard-light constructs that make up the Holowings. The frame component is issued to natural-born citizens around the age of seventeen or eighteen, marking their induction into the adult community of Silver Lining. After receiving them, individual citizens can opt to have the color and style of their Holowings customized to their liking.

    Though they are a shining example of some of the technology that survived the Starstorm, Holowings are not a perfect system. Each platform is custom-fitted to its owner, and are designed to carry their weight in addition to seventy pounds. Exceeding a Holowing’s weight limit can cause the platform to short out or lose power at a quicker rate than normal. When carrying the minimum weight, a Holowing platform can allow an operator to fly for five straight hours. The platform will recharge automatically when deactivated, but takes a longer time to recharge when fully depleted. Modifications to enable longer durations of flight are available, but are only issued in special cases.

    *Some other things about the Skyborne/Holowings:

    +This wasn't mentioned in the little backstory up there, but the blood of a Magicast interferes with the circuitry and neruological implants that Holowings need to operate. That being said, you can't have a character that is both a Magicant and possesses a set of Holowings. that just wouldn't be fair.

    For lack of better words, Basic means that you are a regular, boring, squishy human. You cannot fly, and you do not have any kenetic abilites. End of story.

    While the institutions that were the teachers of science and magic were devastated, the knowledge was not lost, not completely. Like everything else on the planet, it merely changed. As people became more and more desperate in the wasteland, they became less picky as to their neighbors. Safety in numbers out weighed the distrust for the "other".

    Ideas mingled, methods blurred back and forth. Soon it was difficult to find the difference between the descendants of those who used magic and the students of science. What they had created was alchemy.

    While Alchemy is not as powerful as many magics, nor is it as reliable as technology, it walks a middle ground that allows it to be useful in more situations than science or technology alone.

    At the center of this craft is the formation of new compounds. Out of minerals, plants, and other ingredients powerful mixtures can be made. The most useful as well as the most difficult to make of all these compounds is "Ink".

    Ink is used for power granting tattoos (also called "burns" using them causes them to glow and emit heat. Excessive use causes severe burns) and for special knowledge guarding documents often simply referred to as "scripture" or “scripts”.Someone who had been raised with technology would call them some kind of magical computer. They can do some of the same things as a computer made from plastic and silicon, but being also made from magic, they are far less precise. The most Powerful scripts can even reach into the someones mind and remove or plant ideas.However these scripts are only theoretical and none have ever been written. Just like all forms of Alchemical expression, scripts produce heat, sometimes a lot of heat. This can be a problem when they are made out of paper and leather. The best scripts are written on clay or stone.

    Alchemy is a crude craft. While notes and formulas are valuable information, there is a lot of room for Improvisation. Like technology, it is available to anyone who is willing to sit down, study hard and learn. But like magic, tattoos that work for one person will be unique to them and will not work for someone else.

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