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    The Vestigials Empty The Vestigials

    Post by The Powers That Be on Fri Dec 27 2013, 10:19

    The Vestigials are a nomadic group that make their home in the hostile terrain of Ashen Agony. As their name implies, this tribalistic community is said to be the descendants or remnants of the old world group known as the Traditionalists, namely the those of the faction who were heavily steeped in the ways of magic. The Vestigials center their settlements, (and supposedly their lives) around a large fragment of meteorite known as The Spire, which they believe to be a means of amplifying and strengthening their innate magic abilities. Tribe members take the safety of the Spire very seriously, and while they are not an openly hostile group, the Vestigials will defend any potential threats to their relic or ways of life with unmitigated ferocity.

    With that being said, most of what is known about this reclusive group is derived from second-hand accounts and observations from a distance. The hierarchy in the Vestigial society appears to be a flexible, caste-like system that is subject to the magical prowess of each member; the less skilled users being in the lower tiers, and the more able users being higher in status. One of the most intriguing aspects about the community of the Vestigials is its size; despite them being a rather reclusive and introverted group, this tribe appears to be increasing in size somehow. How these new members are inducted, let alone found, remains unknown.

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