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    Angelica Aroura Empty Angelica Aroura

    Post by Cloud Cover on Thu Dec 26 2013, 23:24

    Name: Angelica Aroura
    Race/Species: Human, Skyborne
    Age: 23
    Profession: Teacher

    Appearance:Angelica Aroura NgE2SdE Holowings are bright orange in color and shaped vaguely like the wings of a hawk.
    Likes: Teaching, old world values and children
    Dislikes:Fighting, destruction of knowledge, ignorance

    Equipment: A large backpack containing many books on various subjects, two pairs of glasses due to her nigh blindness, (one serving as backup) , Tactical armor, HK416 Carbine, two Bowie knifes, 1911 pistol, six magazine pouches, simple tool kit and a flare gun, Most of this looted from a unlucky wanderer of the ashen agony, in all aspects she has not a idea on how any of it works minus the flare gun, but the gear does generally keep people from attacking her just from its look.

    Discovery: Her long time role as a teacher in the wasteland has taught her how to find out about things that few remember from the old world to use as teaching material, sees scrap in different ways then many others in the wasteland, learns more from said scrap to pass along.

    Inner Strength: In times of great need, the normally sheepish human will push forward her thoughts, gaining confidence to gain leverage over others.  

    Weaknesses: Poor Eyesight: must have glasses on her to see anything farther then three feet away, scared of heights, traumatic early life has caused the Pegasus to be afraid of heights greater then three stories.

    -Personality: Angelica is a teacher by trade, so as thus she tends to have a good outlook on whats left of society and desperately wishes to teach the masses what she has recovered from the wasteland however this causes her to be naive and overly trusting, However in practice, she is not as outgoing as she wishes, physically due to her less then average size she is normally thought of as not much more then a annoyance who is preaching nonsense, so she chooses other routes of change, the children in her mind are the stepping stones up and teaching them thus tends to avoid adults, leading her into more then one bad situation with her being the bad guy teaching fillies and colts old world nonsense.

    -Biography: Angelica was brought up as the runt of her family, the smallest and least physically strong, something that's important in the society of silver lining after the end of the world, thus she tended to be guarded by her mother constantly, sheltering her from the outside world, her mother did care for her, in fact she was said to be her mothers "Pet" even having her hair colored and eyes dyed orange so the little girl was easily found in a crowd or if she fell from a cloud. It was her teen years that was difficult, her mother could no longer protect her, she had to deal with other children of her age, bullied nigh constantly was her biggest problem yet she always bounced back to her former self, not letting it pull her down. Her worst teenage memory was her 14th birthday, she was to view the world outside the the cloud atop the tallest tower, a simple placement of her foot in the wrong point sent her sailing of the ledge, hurtling towards the earth, no wings to stop her, only the swift catch of her father saved her from her death at the bottom of a rocky pit, this is why she is afraid of heights.

    Many years later she gained enough confidence to leave the cloud as to wonder the wastes in search of what she wanted to become and what she wanted to become was a teacher, she had found that Skyborne where not always self absorbed jerks with wings like they are thought of commonly today, they could show grace like a Magicast or humbleness like one who is not gifted, she wanted the world to be like how it was before the death and destruction, she wanted peace and to gain peace, it meant to teach peace, something she was willing to do but it took work and like all work, it had risks such as crawling though buildings on the verge of collapse to collect a seldom seen book, bartering with bandits just to gain entry into places with knowledge but in her mind, it was worth it, all of it, she going to teach the world about peace, it was only a matter of time. Today the Skyborne known as Angelica can be seen wandering the wastes, in search of knowledge long forgotten and willing to teach anyone who would just give them a moment of their time.

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