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    Post by Iris Hawkeye on Sun Dec 22 2013, 14:21

    Name: Iris Hawkeye
    Phenotype: Magicast (Electrokinesis)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Profession: Stealing... yup that's about it. Oh, cheating bets. That too.

    Appearance: Pale skin, Black straight hair, aqua blue eyes, small for her age, seemingly oriental, would be considered jailbait by most, wears her camouflage in a revealing manner normally, but when sneaking, wears a hooded jacket and covers herself up.


    Casual Wear:

    Iris Hawkeye [Final] Iris_h20

    Iris Hawkeye [Final] Iris_h21

    Stealth Attire:

    Iris Hawkeye [Final] Iris_h22

    Iris Hawkeye [Final] Iris_h23

    Likes: Items of value, dark humor, messing with others' heads
    Dislikes: Being told what to do, the feeling that she isn't in control of a situation, being alone

    Equipment: Six black knives (3 on each side in hip sheathes) and one black kurambit (in a sheathe on the back of her belt), black and grey night camouflage, black and grey night camouflaged backpack, black leather bound journal and pen.
    Equipment she wears when sneaking around: black balacava, nightvision goggles, black and grey night camouflaged jacket. She stores this equipment in her backpack. When she wants to sneak around, she ties her hair into a ponytail and puts on this equipment. It takes her about 30 seconds to put it on.

    Strengths: Stealth, Acrobatics
    Weaknesses: Hot shot, hyper-focus (oblivious to what she isn't focusing on), naive (due to age), claustrophobia

    Iris doesn't listen to music much, but a song fades into her memory that her brother composed and only played one time before he was separated from her. This is the closest that Iris has to a theme song.

    Personality: Iris' personality varies depending on who she is with. If she wants something from a stranger, she will try to seduce them, or if the situation allows it, she will try to threaten them. It takes her a while to trust other people which is the only not naive thing about her. She has a mischievous nature and enjoys messing with other peoples' heads. In this sense, she is somewhat childish. Out of habit, she tends to talk to others in a light seductive manner, even if they aren't strangers. She will always try to take advantage of someone unless they are close to her. Like plenty of teenagers her age, she tends to have that attitude that she is invincible and will often separate from the group with the impression that she can do something on her own. Sometimes this attitude gets her into trouble (see weaknesses).

    Most of the time, she pretends to be a rather cold and emotionless person, but she is actually very caring towards many people, and sometimes will perform random acts of kindness on random strangers, but will do it in secret, often with the stranger not knowing its her. She tries to keep an aura of mystery about her most of the time because she thinks it makes her look cool. When she is alone, she gets rather depressed and so to avoid the loneliness that often comes with keeping a mysterious demeanor, she tends to pick one person in a group and becomes close friends with that person. She has a few rules that she holds true to in combat related situations: 1) Don't kill unless they intend to kill you. 2) There is no such thing as cheap shots in battle; anything goes. 3) No one gets left behind.

    Biography: The history books talk about an Emperor of the Far Lands, Kōtei Xu ("Xu Emperor"). The emperor wanted a son to take his place on the throne. When a duaghter was born into the family, the emperor was away, but when he returned, he was furious. He ordered for the child's execution the next day, and the emperor later died in battle, never to have an heir to his thrown. So the history books say.

    What Really Happened:

    The wife did not want her child to die and so desperately, she trusted the child in the hooves Āchā Nele ("Nele Archer"), born of the Āchā family, a family of royal sniper guards, and a close friend of the royal family. Nele, not wanting to be a sniper, was travelling to study music theory. The emperor's wife asked him to take the child with him and take care of her out of fear for the filly's life. To repay all the good fortune the royal family had given him, he agreed to take the wife's request.

    And so Nele took the child with him in his travels. Her name, Ōjo Iris ("Iris Princess"), given to her by her mother, was too distinct, being that "princess" signified her connection to royalty, so he changed her name to Iris Hawkeye, basing it from the name her mother gave her, "Iris", as well as his new English adaptation of his surname, "Hawkeye". Nele was uncomfortable with being considered the child's father, and so he referred to Iris as his sister. Naturally, she grew up understanding that he was her brother.

    (When Iris was old enough to write, she kept a journal that she wrote in whenever she wanted to vent . She didn't write in it that often, and so still carries the same journal with her today. In this journal is a series of important events related to Iris' history. This journal is kept with Iris at pretty much all times. If someone should get hold of it, I will PM you with a link to the whole journal)

    Iris Hawkeye is a girl from the past, sent to the future by a very powerful wizard. Her brother, Nele, was accidentally sent to the future as well when he tried to protect Iris. However when they arrived, they were not in the same place. Lost and without her brother, Iris traveled the wasteland in search of him. Up until now, she has faced many hardships alone and almost died on multiple occasions. This is her story.

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